6″ X 6″ Journal Cover & Pages Kit

6″ X 6″ Journal Cover & Pages Kit

This is a fabulous base for all of the book or journal makers out there.

6″ X 6″ or 150mm x 150mm(approx).

Included in the kit; 2 x Covers(4mm MDF), 3 x Pages(2mm MDF), Hinged Rings.

We have spaced the binding holes on all of our book/journal products, to the width of a standard hole punch. This should help you if you intend to make your own paper pages instead of using our MDF versions.

The covers are perfectly sized to use your 6″ square papers & the pages are slightly smaller, for minimal wastage.

There are options to add a set of 3 x pages cut from 2mm deep MDF for an extra cost.

Use the check button to add these to the kit.

Designed by Wydragan

Laser Cut

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Extra Pages x 3