Christmas 3D Large Gnome/Gonk Characters – Set **OFFER**

Christmas 3D Large Gnome/Gonk Characters – Set **OFFER**

How cute are these little guys? but actually not so little. Our characterful Gnome/Gonks are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Cut from 18mm deep MDF with extra pieces for a 3D effect, each Gonk/Gnome has his own personality. Use your crafty talents to make them truly individual.

There are 4 different Nordic Gonk/Knome characters to choose from or you can purchase the “OFFER – one of each” & save!!

Sizes; A = 330mm, B = 217mm, C = 175mm, D = 360mm, all 125mm wide.

Also available as hanging tree decoration.

Designed by Wydragan

CNC Router & Laser Cut

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