Fairy / Elf Door 3D Kit

Fairy / Elf Door 3D Kit

Supplied as a kit for you to decorate & assemble. The extra pieces really do give this product some depth.

Total maximum measurements are 125mm high x 100mm wide.

Kit includes;-

1 x Main Door Shape – 4mm MDF

1 x Door Frame – 1.5mm Birch Plywood

1 x Step – 1.5mm Birch Plywood

2 x Hinges – 1.5mm Birch Plywood

1 x Letter Box – 1.5mm Birch Plywood

1 x Door Knob – 1.5mm Birch Plywood

1 x Window Frame – 1.5mm Birch Plywood

Rounded Hobbit Door also available.

Designed by Wydragan

Laser Cut

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