Large Love Spoons Add Engraving

Large Love Spoons Add Engraving

Large Love Spoon, 300mm(30cm) high, cut from 4mm Birch Plywood. You can choose a plain or engraved dragon version of this item.

Alternatively you can add an image or engraved wording to the middle heart (where the Dragon is placed, as shown in the picture). Have a special couples initials & wedding date & use as wedding favours or maybe engrave for a birthday or other special occasion.

Write the wording or a required image in the text box provided for the middle heart.

There is a smaller version of this spoon 75mm(7.5cm) to 200mm(20cm) high also available in another listing.

Designed by Wydragan

Laser Cut & Engraved

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Custom Details

Use this area to tell us the wording or an image you would like us to engrave onto the center heart. Please ensure details are correct. Max 20 characters.