Customisable Medal Holder

Customisable Medal Holder

A fantastic way to display all of your medals from your chosen sport or pass time.

Built from 2 layers of 6mm Birch Plywood for strength with 2 fixing holes. The main front layer has the medal bars cut into it. The holder has 4 columns of 7 rows enabling you to hang 28 medals easily. It also has a slot cut into the area at the top, for you to display your most important accolade. 300mm(30cm) wide x 380mm(38cm high)

The front layer is mounted onto a second layer which ensures the medals sit away from the surface it is fixed to. This item is sanded before dispatch.

We can add your own wording to personalise the Medal hanger to you or to a recipient.

To add your own wording, please fill out the text box marked “Custom Details”. We will fit the details to the available area & the final look of the item may differ from that in the picture.

Use for running, dancing, horse riding, what ever your chosen field of interest happens to be.

Designed by Wydragan

Laser Cut & Engraved


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