Nostalgic Soap & Towelette Gift Tin

Nostalgic Soap & Towelette Gift Tin

Gift this item to someone of a certain age & transport them right back to there childhood, the perfect gift for evoking nostalgic memories of a time gone by.

Antibacterial & antiseptic since it’s creation in the 19th century, Carbolic soap was a staple in households everywhere but has be replaced by modern day alternatives. This soap can be grated for laundry use or to make hand wash, excellent for gardeners with mucky hands(like me) & household use.

This set includes, laser engraved Carbolic soap, with a towelette made from natural bamboo fibres, both made here in Great Britain & presented in an aluminium tin. We have added a Cherry wood plaque to the tin lid for an engraved message.

There are 2 design options to choose from;

Standard Design which is featured in the item images or

Bespoke Design, which allows you to add your own wording to the actual soap & the Cherry wood plaque & create a truly personalised gift.

NOTE; Only complete the text boxes if the Bespoke Option has been selected.

Designed by Wydragan

Laser Engraved

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** As with all soap products please exercise caution when using on untested surfaces. When Carbolic Soap was invented most modern-day surfaces and fabrics did not exist, and as this is a non-specialist soap please test on an inconspicuous area to ensure it will not impair your garments. One of the key ingredients is phenol which was one of the very first disinfectants.


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