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**Offer – Any 3** – Intricate Highland Cow, Sheep & Unicorn Stencil Plaque

**Offer – Any 3** – Intricate Highland Cow, Sheep & Unicorn Stencil Plaque

These large & wonderfully intricate plaques, consist of two layers cut from 4mm deep MDF. The top layer is a delicate & detailed animal design, with a solid back plate. You can hanging points if required & these will be added to the back plate(see gallery).

Each design measures 250mm x 250mm.

Explore your artistic flare & use the top layer as a stencil &/or attach to the additional back plate to create something spectacular.

There are different animal options to choose from or you can select the “**Offer – Any 3” option & save. You will need to write which animal designs you would like in the text box provided. This can be all the same or any combination of those offered.

Designed by Wydragan

Laser Cut

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**Offer** Choice *

If the **Offer** has been chosen, write which 3 designs you would like here.
For example; 3 x Unicorn or 1 x Highland Cow, 2 x Sheep etc.

Add Hanging Points *

Select an option

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