Spitfire Aeroplane 3d Model Boxed

Spitfire Aeroplane 3d Model Boxed

A wonderful 3d model inspired by the famously iconic,”Spitfire” Aeroplane,  a familiar sight in war time Britain in days gone by.

Large – 380mm(l) x 450mm(w)  – sizes are approximate.

Supplied assembled & comes complete with it’s own perfectly sized box engraved with the model name, use as a plinth for displaying your model.

There is an option to add an engraved message to the opposite long side of the box, which is include in the cost of the model. You can tell us the details in the text box provided.

We will use Plantagenet Font for the engraved wording.

Final Design by Wydragan

Laser Cut & Engraved

* Please note this is designed as an item for adults & we do not recommended using as child’s toy.

* Please click here to get in touch if you have any questions or can’t see what you looking for, we’ll be happy to help.



Custom Details – Box(included) *

Please write the wording you wish us to engrave onto the Box here. Ensure all details are correct. Max 50 characters (including spaces).