Street Sign Upto 30 Character 3 Line Text

Street Sign Upto 30 Character 3 Line Text

We love this product here at Laserwerx & have them all over our house, immortalising a variety of family & occasions.

This listing is for two lines of your chosen text as a street sign design. The letters measure 55mm(5.5cm) high.

These signs are laser cut from 2 layers of 6mm deep MDF & are supplied to you plain for you to decorate & put together. Each sign comprises of 1 x back board, 1 x frame & the letters of your choice. It measures 650mm (65cm) in length & 250mm (25cm) high. We also include the waste from the letter area with this item.

Use the text area to write the wording you would like us to cut. We will use Arial Font. You can also add “feet” to stand your sign.

There are more listings for different sizes of this product available in this category.

Designed by Wydragan

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